How To Make Money Without Ever Leaving Home.


Nothing is as fulfilling as a self-made woman. Whether you be single, married, with children- the buzzword nowadays is "Women Empowerment." Women want to be able to decide, fend, and think for themselves and what they want to do in life. That includes the ability and capacity to be independent and free.

There's a popular mantra that says, "The essence of a woman is to bear a child.." and let me add to it, ...", and to support, mould and guide them to become responsible creatures when it's their time to become adults."

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In This Book You Will Learn The 5 Steps To Being A Successful, Income-earning SAHM

We made it simpler and easy step-by-step read, so that every mother from all walks of life can relate to.

Step 1

How to set financial goals for your family. Getting Real About Your Finances

Step 2

How to blaze a new career path for yourself as a SAHM. Choosing Your Field

Step 3

How to create a work schedule that works for you Setting Your Schedule

Step 4

The financial management side of the business.

Step 5

Moving forward and sustaining the business


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To my Fellow Moms Out There. This is ONLY for serious ones aspiring to have a better life as soon as possible.

You should commit to hard work, passion and dedication. YOU are the boss here. You must have a foresight. Be ready to be your own boss. If you currently are a working mother but want to change your career path, this is for you as well.

Surviving on double-income is just as challenging nowadays because of rising prices and low incomes due to high inflation; how much more if only one is working. /the above options are based on the premise that there IS a couple- a husband and a wife; or partners if you prefer to call it. What if there’s only ONE person involved here? Yes, I’m referring to single mothers. That could be way more challenging!

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You CAN actually earn even when you’re home! You don’t have to leave the house; you can work on your own terms, and be your own boss. How cool is that!

That’s just why most of us studied our way through college- to get a degree and be an entrepreneur in our own right, am I right? (Now don’t get me wrong; I know our upbringing was: get a degree to be able to get a job. But shouldn’t be having your own business the way to go?)

Message from Jill Bayno

I have helped hundreds of moms get back to their lives, inspire and encourage them to become better, productive and financially-free stay-at-home moms, through the e-book that I’ve shared.

Before I became a SAHM, I worked in a company for sixteen (16) years. I quit my job because I wanted to spend time with my kids whom I see only at night and early in the morning before they leave for school. I quit my job because I wanted to be with my husband who is working far away from us.

I gave up living on double-income to live on one-off income. And it was not an easy decision to make.

As with many families, surviving on one-off income can be challenging- very challenging to say the least, to be able to provide the daily needs and save for the future for children’s education and other equally important priorities.

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